March 19, 2004

More details about the documentary

From the Endemol UK website:

Sky One has commissioned Brighter Pictures for one-hour documentary about the star of their forthcoming reality series - There’s Something About Miriam.

There’s Something Else About Miriam tells the real story behind the pre-op transsexual who has been at the centre of an international media furore.

The documentary follows her life from childhood days in Mexico to moving to New York and being catapulted into stardom.

Drawing on her past experiences and interviews with family and friends There’s Something Else About Miriam reveals the difficulties she faced growing up, how she gained acceptance and how she now plans to launch herself into pop stardom.

The programme will also feature expert analysis from psychologists and trans-gender specialists looking at the issues surrounding Sky One’s forthcoming reality series and why male and female members of the press and public may react differently towards it.

Brighter’s Managing Director Gavin Hay comments: ‘Miriam’s story is a moving and inspiring one. After the media frenzy surrounding the Sky One series people will be fascinated to see her telling it like it really is’.

There’s Something Else About Miriam will follow Brighter Pictures’ forthcoming reality series There’s Something About Miriam, which starts on Sunday 22nd February on Sky One.

Executive Producers: Gavin Hay and Remy Blumenfeld

Producer / Director: Christine Clarke

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