March 24, 2004

Please be polite if you email Miriam

Miriam has answered 55 emails on the letters page so far. She enjoys reading your emails. Especially emails that contain a few compliments, share something about your own story, or ask for her opinion on a given subject.

There are a few things that could get your email discarded though, or could get a terse response from Miriam. It is very nice of her to take the time to answer the email she can, so you don't want her to get frustrated and stop reading them do you? Please don't email her if your message falls into the categories below:

1-Requests for her to meet you in person, or to see if she might want to be your girlfriend. This is a fan web site, not Miriam's personals column.

2-Questions about her sexual organs, her sex life, or questions asking whether she has ever posed fully nude before. That is just plain rude.

3-People who need to reprimand her for participating in the show and "exploiting those poor boys". She has heard it all before and doesn't need to hear it again.

These are mostly common sense, but she has gotten several of all three types.

Posted by Mike at March 24, 2004 02:24 AM | TrackBack

Hi Miriam,
l was very moved after last night's programme the final episode :(. l am very much straight but l think you are very beautiful inside and out. Not all man are like that and l hope you find someone. They will realise and regret in time its not only the outer shell they liked.
You sound like a person that does not need to be told this but l will say it anyways be stronge :)


Posted by: Wes at March 29, 2004 05:51 AM
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