March 28, 2004

Miriam attends MIP TV festival in Cannes

New press release:

Miriam, global star of TV series “There’s Something About Miriam” arrives in Cannes for MIP TV.

Cannes: March 28, 2004—ANNOUNCEMENT- Miriam, global star of TV series “There’s Something About Miriam” is now confirmed to be flying into Cannes as the executive guest of Endomol. She is in town to promote the international sales of her hit series, discuss a number of high profile new projects and to present an award to John de Mol at the 10th Anniversary celebrations at Endomol. Miriam is also the special guest of Endomol at their "100 Best" Awards after party at the Martinez Hotel on Tuesday 30th.

Following the unprecedented interest in her, Miriam is the special guest of Sadie Frost in her pioneering new series "What Sadie Did Next" for E4. Miriam joins Gwyneth Paltrow and the creme of A list actors, designers and London's cool set who have been invited onto the show. Following Cannes, Miriam is meeting record company executives of three major labels in the UK to discuss the release of her debut single "Don't Fall In Love with Me" that has already been premiered on Radio 1.

Miriam as one of the freshest and most eagerly anticipated personalities of today and is available for interviews in Cannes between Mon 29th and Tuesday 30th to discuss the controversy around the show and will take a number of photo sessions.

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