"I try to be honest in everything I say, but there is a secret that the guys don't know. My big secret that I have is that I'm not a real woman. I wasn't born as a girl. I was born as a man. I'm a transsexual, and I see myself as a girl because I've been living like half of my life the way I am right now. When I was eleven years old, I decided to be a girl and I started taking hormones. When I was thirteen I was going to high school as a girl. I don't have any operations, only this (my chest). I'm totally natural. This is me. I love my life, I love the way I am, and that's the most important thing." - From There's Something About Miriam

You might have seen Miriam on her Reality TV show on Sky One in the UK. Now you can find out some more about her, and learn of her plans for the future. Click here to enter the site.

Or, if the thought of a beautiful, intelligent, transsexual woman like Miriam scares you, then you can go here, instead.