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Episode 1 - Broadcast February 22nd
In episode one, we meet the six guys who will compete for a week's cruise on a luxury yacht with 10,000 spending money and the affections of Miriam. They are: Dom, a 28 year old Royal Marine from Newcastle, Mark, a 24 year old songwriter from Aylesbury, Scott, a 22 year old Martial Arts instructer, Tom, a 23 year old Life guard from Worthington, Aron, a chef from Essex and Toby, a 23 year old recruitment consultant from Sussex. On the other end of the scale we also meet Miriam, a 22 year old model from Hermosa, Mexico who is hoping to find Mr. Right.

We see how the six guys were selected. The boys underwent a tough process of elimination by psychologists, producers, and Miriam. A selection of men were chosen to separate the contenders from the rest of the pack. The boys were part of a staggering response from a newspaper advert. During their 'audition' they were asked to prepare a sample of how they would 'wow a stunner.' Following this, many of the guys were invited to watch models in a catwalk show, one of these girls being Miriam. They rated the girls on looks, sex appeal, and suitability as girlfriend material. Miriam was the unanimous favorite. Finally, Miriam studied video footage of the remaining guys and chose the six that would accompany her in the Spanish luxury villa.

The guys arrive first, and await Miriam's arrival with anticipation. Naturally, they explore what will be their home for the next two weeks and spend a little time getting to know each other. After a few too many drinks, they are soon running around naked, basically making fools of themselves for the cameras, and Miriam hasn't even arrived yet.

The following day Miriam arrives at the villa, but unfortunately for the guys it's not going to be that easy. Miriam has hired Tanner, a former seargent Major in the British Army, to help her seperate the men from the boys. Their first challange set by Tannah is to swim half a Kilometre of the Spanish Ocean to reach a yacht and finally meet Miriam. As a motivator, the first man to reach Miriam will receive the first kiss. Tom reaches Miriam first and accepts his kiss with pleasure. He is followed by Dom, then Toby, then Scott, and then Aron. A disappointed Mark fails the challenge, and has to be rescued from the water by Tanner and brought to the yacht in a lifeboat.

Meanwhile, Miriams secret has been revealed to the viewers, but not to any of the boys. All six are indeed smitten by the latina model. Especially that evening, when she makes an entrance and sits down to talk with the boys she will be dating over the next two weeks.