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Episode 4 - Broadcast March 14th
In episode four, we're down to just four guys now at the luxury villa in Ibiza. But only for a day. The guys soon have to re-think their strategies with the arrival of a new contestant, Rhett, the Australian IT salesman. Dom has been especially shocked with his arrival, and it throws the whole game wide open again. Miriam and Rhett get on well causing massive pangs of jealousy from the other guys.

That afternoon the guys head to the beach to compete in their latest challenge. The boys will be dragged behing a speedboat on a surfboard. Tanner is looking for a time of at least 60 seconds. Tom narrowly wins the competition, with Rhett in second place. The guys' dislike for Rhett becomes even more clear and Rhett's arrogant side is showing, even to Miriam.

Miriam confers with Tanner as to who will go on the date with her. They decide that Miriam needs to look deeper at Aron and so he is chosen for the date. The pair go jetskiing and the date goes well, despite their not being able to talk very much over the roar of the jet ski engine. Miriam devises some night time entertainment. This time the boys' secrets are revealed, in a game of truth or dare. Some secrets are good, some not so good. Miriam is surprised at the boys's revelations. Things become more intense between Dom and Rhett during the evening after Miriam leaves. The tension reaches a climax as Rhett overtalks Dom one time too many and they exchange words in the lounge. Rhett is clearly not being accepted.

The next day, the challenge is to bring out the more sensitive side of the boys. They will be giving Miriam a massage. But for practice they will be giving a massage first to Miriam's friends, Stacey and Ngozi while secretly being watched by Miriam. Miriam becomes jealous as Dom's hands wander further than they should and he continues to flirt with her friends. Miriam picks Rhett for the evening date, and the boys are hopeful that she will see the side of him that they dislike so much. The date is a romantic dinner for two in a spot so secluded that it has to be reached by boat. The date goes well. Rhett manages to sweet talk Miriam and seems smitten.

The eviction tonight is a tight as it has ever been. The guys line up. Scott, Tom, Dom, Aron and Rhett. However, the one leaving this time is Dom. Dom is suprised that it was him. Miriam has not been impressed with his flirting, wandering hands and increasing friction with Rhett. Left are Scott, Tom, Aron and Rhett. Down to four again with two episodes to go.