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Episode 2 - Broadcast February 29nd
Episode two begins with the guys sitting on the couch and the host, Tim, asking them what they think of Miriam so far. Meanwhile, Miriam is in her bedroom talking more about her childhood. How she decided to make the transition and met someone who told her about hormone therapy. The guys then get told of todays Tanner challenge - a Triathlon event. Swimming, a bike ride and a run. Mark still struggles with the swimming and again it's Tom who wins the whole event, with Mark coming in a long way back in last. Tom wins the prize of another kiss from Miriam, and the first date with Miriam.

Miriam and Tom head off on a helicopter ride and then to a beauty parlor to receive beauty treatments. The rest of the guys retire back to the villa where Toby speculates that he thinks Miriam may be a man which is dismissed by Dom and Mark, who now claims he doesn't fancy Miriam because she's high maintenance and because she smokes. Miriam and Tom return from their date hand in hand, but Miriam breaks the physical contact when all the other guys see them together. Despite his gentleman act on the date, as soon as Miriam goes to bed Tom starts misbehaving with the guys once again.

The next day, the guys mini-challenge is to learn Salsa and Miriam will pick the best dancer for a one to one dance with her - Scott shines and is picked by Miriam for a dance. Later in the day Miriam picks Toby to go on the next date which is a fishing trip. Despite his best efforts, Miriam thinks Toby is immature and he does nothing that pushes her buttons. When they return to the villa later that evening, Miriam shuns Toby throughout the rest of the evening. After Miriam goes to bed the guys start horsing around and line up either side of the swimming pool and engage in a tug of war. Eventually all the noise wakes Miriam who comes out of her room to get the guys to keep the noise down.

In the morning it's crunch time as Miriam must decide on the first person to leave the villa. On the balcony, Dom and Mark are talking and Mark thinks he will be the first to leave as he has made little effort around Miriam. Miriam discusses her options with Tanner and Tim (the host).

The guys line up in front of the swimming pool and Miriam goes along the line and tells each guy what she thinks of them so far. At the end of it all... Toby is selected for eviction after his disastrous date with her yesterday and Miriam warns Mark he needs to make more of an effort to win her over.