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U TV 3/28/04 Miriam rejects show winner

The Sun 3/4/04 Gender bender pops out

The Scotsman 2/25/04 Dinner Date - Miriam

The Sun 2/25/04 Miriam's public tran-sport

MegaStar 2/24/04 A fool to love Miriam?

The Sun 2/24/04 Miriam pulls it off! 2/23/04 Reality TV transsexual speaks out against complaints

Ananova 2/23/04 Miriam says she did it for 'love'

The Sunday Times 2/22/04 There's Something About Miriam

BBC 2/20/04 Miriam's glad to be recognised

BBC 2/19/04 There's something about Miriam

The Sun 2/13/04 Miriam's secret

Zap2It 2/6/04 U.K. Transsexual Dating Show Cleared to Air

Guardian 2/6/04 Payout follows reality TV shock

BBC 2/5/04 Transsexual reality show pay-out

Ananova 2/5/04 Payout over transsexual show

BBC 11/5/03 Men 'suspected' TV transsexual

Irish Examiner 11/4/03 Reality TV transsexual says show was 'fun'

The Mirror 11/1/03 She Ain't 'Arf Odd Mum!

Ananova 10/31/03 Sky shelves show over transsexual row

Miami Herald 10/31/03 Reality TV Show With Transsexual Shelved

Media Guardian 10/31/03 Reality show men sue Sky over transsexual 'trick'

BBC 10/31/03 Legal threat over transsexual show

Guardian 10/30/03 Contestants in transexual show to sue Sky

Scotsman 10/30/03 TV Show Row over Woman Born A Man

Ananova 10/30/03 Sky lines up transsexual reality show