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Episode 3 - Broadcast March 7th
In episode three, the work begins again for the boys after last weeks eviction saw Toby leave. As the second eviction looms the guys start trying their best to impress Miriam and become extremely competetive in the meantime. Tanner creates a new challenge showing the guys' talent behind the wheel as they take part in a 10 lap go carting race. The boys are all eager to break Tom's winning streak. It looks like Aron will win until Mark breaks into the lead and takes the checkered flag from Miriam, impressing her for the first time.

Next, to test the guys loyalty, Miriam flies in two of her playmates from London Stacey, 21, and Ngozi, 23. Like the boys, the playmates have no idea about Miriam's secret. Their job is to try to seduce the boys and find out if their feelings for Miriam are genuine. The girls waste no time in quizzing the boys about Miriam, to get them to reveal what they really think.

Miriam chooses Dom for tonight's date and the pair embark upon a romantic sailing adventure. Mark isn't dissapointed about being rejected again, saying there is plenty of time to still go on a date, but will there still be time to impress Miriam? Unfortunately for Tom, Dom and Miriams date goes very well, leaving the two guys as it seems neck and neck. Dom's war stories impress Miriam and they enter the villa holding hands.

Aron picks the next challenge for the boys from a hat. The boys have the ultimate chance to impress Miriam in a striptease. All 5 dances were enjoyed by Miriam and her two friends. Mark seems more enchanted by the dancing instructor than by Miriam and again fails to impress her when he admits that he doesnt fancy Miriam in a game of truth or dare.

Tom becomes closer to discovering Miriam's secret when the pair kiss after all the boys went to bed, with the exception of Aron who had a front row seat after falling asleep on the sofa. She eventually tells Tom to stop as his hands start to wander a little too far. Miriam admits that each day is becoming harder, as she sees the guys falling for her.

Mark misses the last chance to impress as Scott is picked for the date. The date is spent on a tandom parasail above the ocean, followed by lunch enjoyed by both. Scott's place looks secure after the date, but one of the guys has to leave. This one is an easy choice. Mark gets his marching orders after discussing his disinterest in Miriam, leaving just four guys left as the battle to win Miriam over continues.