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Episode 5 - Broadcast March 14th
In episode five, we are down to four guys again, in the millionaires mansion. The tension rises between the original guys and Rhett again during the first challenge of the day. Their first task will to be to run around a 400m track pulling along a chariot weighing a total of 75 kg. They will be carrying either Miriam, one of her friends, or Tanner. Rhett, Scott and Aron are eager to beat Tom, yet wouldn't mind him winning if it stopped Rhett from doing so. At first, Tom takes the lead with Miriam cheering him on as his passenger, but Scott saves his energy for the end and wins, leaving Rhett and Aron behind. The guys are all pleased to see Rhett collapse on the ground from exhaustion.

Miriam is impressed by Scott's win and chooses him for a date. Miriam picks an interesting theme for their date, too - body art. Miriam and Scott are taught how to pain each others bodies, but are eventually left alone for a while and enjoy some time together. That night after their date, the boys find some female items of clothing in their bedroom. They dress up as women taking Miriam by surprise. She starts laughing uncontrollably because they are such a funny sight to see.

Miriam decides she wants an insight into the boys past and future, so she hires a tarot card reader to interrogate the four. The boys don't know that they are being watched by Miriam in another room. Miriam's suspicions of Rhett appear to be true, whereas the more sensitive sides of Tom, Scott, and especially Aron are brought to the surface. Meanwhile it is only four days until the winner is chosen and Miriam's secret revealed. She admits she has no idea how the boys will take the news, but hopes the results will be good.

There is one more date before the next eviction. This time Miriam chooses all the guys and asks each one to cook one course of a meal for her to win her affection. Scott makes Miriam an appetizer of Nachos. Tom cooks her Mexican stuffed peppers. It seems that the guys have been cheating in the kitchen, spiking each other dishes with chili peppers and various spices. Miriam is surprised by the spiciness, but actually likes the added flavor. Rhett cooks her salmon served with pasta and garlic sauce. Unfortunately for Rhett, he doesnt know that Miriam hates only two things, Chinese food and salmon. Still, she is just as impressed with the presentation. Finally, Aron has an advantage being a chef. He makes desert of a strawberry sponge cake, and wins despite his cake being contaminated with a piece of plastic by the other boys.

Scott and Tom appear to be neck and neck in the competition. Scott is intimated by Tom's closeness with Miriam. After all, they have shared a kiss. Tom contines to impress Miriam and steals time with her away from the other guys whenever he can. Miriam evicts Rhett after he fails to imrpess her with his arrogance and love for himself. What the guys don't know is that not just one, but two guys are being evicted this time. It's a hard decision, but Aron goes as well, despite being the "sweetest" guy. Left now are only Tom and Scott, with the grand finale up next. Now the question on everyone's mind - Will the winner take the cruise and 10,000 when he finds out the truth?