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Episode 6 - Broadcast March 28th
In episode six, the finale, only two of the eligible bachelors are left competing for Miriam's affections. It's a desparate, last minute contest to impress her between the two finalists, Tom and Scott. They appear to both have a real chance of success, apart from the fact that Tom is the only contestant to have kissed Miriam passionately. Perhaps this gives him an advantage. They are as close as ever to the 10,000 and weeks cruise. Miriam will soon have to pick the winner, and then reveal her secret.

Tom and Scott face their last physical challenge, to climb a 60 foot sheer rock face, retrieve a bouquet of roses, and then present them to Miriam. The first guy back to Miriam with the roses, wins the date. Both boys feel pretty confident as they have each climbed before. For the first few feet, Scott and Tom are neck and neck, but Scott takes the most direct route while Tom gets caught up in an overhang of unsteady rock, leaving Scott to win easily. His date with Miriam will be a trip aboard a banana boat followed by some drinks at the beach.

Scott has already had two dates with Miriam, but has failed to make a move. Maybe it is this characteristic that has kept him in the game. The date goes well, the pair have fun, and Miriam warns him of the jealousy ahead. When they return that night, Tom continues to steal time from Scott in an effort to make up for the lost time with Miriam. It is not as friendly a competition as it might have been when there were still four guys left.

The final challenge will be for the boys to each write a love poem to show Miriam their true feelings. The best one wins a date with Miriam. Miriam enjoys both of their poems, but Tom's words seem the most heartfelt, and Miriams chooses him as the winner. Tom and Miriam spend their date having a picnic in a vineyard. Tom turns on his charms, and they kiss for the second time. He also reveals that he thinks he will win the show, but Miriam tells him she has not made her decision yet .

Miriam is interviewed about what lies ahead, and admits that she is greatly anticipating her own revelation, but is not going to plan exactly what she will say. She just knows that what she does say will come from the heart. Later that night, the jealousy between the boys reaches a peak, and they are played off each other as part of the game. Scott in particular is feeling the strain, so Miriam consoles him, leaving Tom alone outside. Miriam, too is affected by what has been going on, and cries herself. Tom sees this as an opportunity to get closer and makes the most of a chance to console her.

Judgement day arrives. Miriam decides it is time for them to know what is going on. The previous five contestants come back to see the result and give their support to the finalists. First, Miriam announces the winner: Tom! He is given a moment to collect himself again before the news is broken. He is very happy with the result. However, Miriam has to tell Tom her secret.There is something miriam wants to say.

"Guys, this has been a whole new experience for me and I have had such a great time. I will never ever ever forget this moment. I tried to be honest with all of you. Yes, I'm from Mexico, I'm a model, and I'm 21 but... Tom, I have really loved spending time with you and kissing you... you see, I love men and I love being a woman, but, you see Tom, I'm not a woman. I was born as a man."

The rest of the guys' reaction is a sharp contrast to Tom's. They burst out in laughter, while Tom doesn't know what to say, and is at a loss for words. Despite Miriam's revelation, he still says yes to the cruise. Miriam is excited by his decision. But later that afternoon, Tom has second thoughts, and changes his mind. Having been turned down, Miriam starts off on the cruise alone and offers everybody one final piece of advice.

"I'm a human being and a normal person. Judge people for what they are inside."