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This is the main page. Where you can find the latest news about Miriam and her career. You can also hear her story to learn more about her, see the latest pictures of her, or read the latest news articles about her. You can browse links to things Miriam enjoys, join her fan club by signup for her mailing list, or even write her a letter. Hope you enjoy this web site, and hope to hear from you soon.

March 16, 2004

Miriam Guest On The Late Late Show

Issued by Miriam's management:

Miriam has been invited to be a guest on the cult Late Late Show in Ireland. This will kick off her next visit to the UK to meet record labels. She will be partying at the exclusive Boujis club in London where she met Blu Cantrell two weeks ago.

DarkFibre Management Ltd.

The Late Late Show in Ireland is on each Friday night and is the world's longest running chat show. Initially launched as a short summer 'filler' in July 1962 its rapid rise to popularity led it to dominate Irish broadcasting and top the ratings on Radio Telifís Éireann for forty years. The show has been credited by sociologists with reshaping Irish attitudes towards many issues.

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March 15, 2004

Miriam's audience up 16% week to week

According to the latest numbers:

Controversial reality series There's Something About Miriam was up from 552,430 (3.82%) to 643,480 (4.41%) at 9pm, followed by original drama Mile High at 10pm with 521,410 (4.61%).

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Miriam loves hearing from you

After getting in contact with her manager, and forwarding her fan mail, Miriam responded to every letter I sent. You can read her replies on the Letters page. You can also send your own letter to Miriam from the Contact page.

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New photos of Miriam

Just uploaded some new photos of Miriam sent by her manager, to the Images page. Warning to all the male viewers. Those with heart conditions or high blood pressure should only view these photos at their own risk.

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Radio One exclusive of her new single

Just received the following from Miriam's management:


Miriam is the transsexual sensation who seduced 6 unsuspecting alpha males in the Sky One series "There's Something About Miriam".

Radio One have been badgering Miriam for a taste of her forth coming single release. She is currently finishing off the track in Harlem, New York, working with a mental underground dance producer Helicopter Jackson.

Miriam has relented and given radio one the exclusive first airing of this eagerly awaited track on the Scott Mills show on Sunday 14th March will be followed by a live radio interview with Miriam in New York.

The song is cheekily titled "Don't fall in love with me". Miriam says "This is not some pop idol shit. I'm a clubbing girl and this song has come from the underground. I was doing this long before the series".

The track has been clouded in secrecy, but news of it has leaked. Release dates are still under wraps but her management have confirmed that it will be hitting the dance floor in a couple of weeks.

Her management said:

"While the boys in the show are off spending their pay off on sports cars or whatever, Miriam has been hard at work doing what she loves. She's been holed up in a spooky Harlem recording studio with a crazed dance producer and they have created something truly origional. The song is a bit of a two finger to the boys. One of the lines is - "don't fall in love with me just to get on tv". I think that says it all . She loved the boys in the show and wishes them no ill, but she has no time for a bunch of cry babies. As far as Miriam is concerned - lock up your sons - you haven't seen anything yet!".

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March 11, 2004

3 In 4 Would Never Have Suspected

Finally, the results have been announced to a poll conducted by the Sky One website. Out of 5,000+ votes, three quarters have admitted that Miriam would have completely fooled them. A further 16% weren't sure and decided upon a 'maybe' and just 12% believed that they would have guessed Miriams secret.

Miriam has become a paparazzi favourite since arriving in the UK - but is sick of snappers who "try and put their cameras up your skirt".

Miriam has been likened to Jennifer Lopez and Catherine Zeta-Jones but says she doesn't try to be like anyone else - "although I know I'm sexier than Victoria Beckham"!

Miriam beat both Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta-Jones in FHM’s list of 100 top babes.

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March 10, 2004

Miriam beats out Mile High

According to new television ratings, There's Something About Miriam outranked Mile High, the show that immediately follows it Sunday nights on the Sky One subscribers-only cable television network. Miriam attracted 552,430 viewers, as opposed to 509,510 for Mile High.

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March 05, 2004

Don't Fall In Love With Me

From the March 4, 2004 edition of the Sun:

Miriam is set to hit the charts — with a dance track cheekily called Don’t Fall In Love With Me.

The sexy gender-bender — who tricked six lads into thinking she was a girl on Sky One reality show There’s Something About Miriam — is recording the single in New York.

Miriam, 22, said: “I’m a clubbing girl and this song is from the clubbing underground.”

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