March 31, 2004

Miriam will be on the cover of Closer magazine


Miriam is back in London to do the cover photo shoot of next week's Closer magazine.

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You can see Miriam's official web site at now. There are many new photos there, and more. Look for a sample from her new single to be posted on the site Friday, as well.

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March 29, 2004

1.4 million watched final episode

This is roughly double the normal audience:

A peak of 1.4 million viewers tuned in to Sky One to see the contestants find out what the 'something' about Miriam was last night (March 28).

The final of There's Something About Miriam averaged a series high of 951,200 viewers - a 6.84% share of the audience - between 9pm and 10.10pm. The peak of 1.39 million (10.57%) was reached just after 10pm....

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March 28, 2004

Special message from Miriam to her fans

I just want to thank everyone for sending in so many emails straight after the show finished. Don't worry about me!

The boys are the ones that have lost out, they lost out on a week with me!!!!

It's all just TV.

What is much more important than a gang of insecure boys "rejecting" me, are all of the issues that this series has brought into the mainstream. Can you believe it - now transsexualism is so much more accepted, normalized. The wonderful people in Britain seem to love me, and I am getting mail from all over the world. And that means the message that we are all the same only making different choices is getting through on such a massive scale. When Tom said that I deceived him, he should have a look at how everyone was deceiving each other. When the boys were with me they were gentlemen, when they were together they were completely different. I liked Tom and feel sorry that he felt the way he did - I think that peer pressure was obvious, but then, hey they had to make that big TV moment!

That day was the most frightening in my life. I was so nervous. I nearly died of fright. No one knew what was going to happen. But then after the boys got angry I went off down the beach. I found a beautiful guy and we had a beautiful time together that afternoon. He didn't have any problems!

I have known a lot of wonderful men in my life, I have beautiful friends, and a caring family. I am lucky! I have got to show what I really am to the whole world and I have been accepted. It seems that everyone except the boys feel positive about me and what I am. Is that not a little world changing thing to happen?

I am in Cannes at the moment writing this. Tomorrow we meet people from all over the world who want to broadcast the series. Then there is a party and I am going to give an award to the guy who invented Big Brother.

Tolerance and transcendence. This is the motto for me in these times of prejudice, violence, fear.

Evolution not revolution.

Evolve and survive.

Be hybrid. Be fluid. Blur the boundaries that keep us apart and keep us from what we really truly are.

Never give in.


All my love to everyone. Let's see what Miriam Chapter 2 is going to be!

Miriam X

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Latest press release

Miriam wished to thank everyone who has been writing and emailing her. Every letter means so much to her. Miriams own website will be going up on Wednesday 31st to coincide with her return to London. The address is It's is a beautiful site. On the site will be more photos, content, forums and a first taste at her music, which we hope you will all love. Also will be the debut of the Ruff Robot concept, her collaboration with producers.

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Miriam attends MIP TV festival in Cannes

New press release:

Miriam, global star of TV series “There’s Something About Miriam” arrives in Cannes for MIP TV.

Cannes: March 28, 2004—ANNOUNCEMENT- Miriam, global star of TV series “There’s Something About Miriam” is now confirmed to be flying into Cannes as the executive guest of Endomol. She is in town to promote the international sales of her hit series, discuss a number of high profile new projects and to present an award to John de Mol at the 10th Anniversary celebrations at Endomol. Miriam is also the special guest of Endomol at their "100 Best" Awards after party at the Martinez Hotel on Tuesday 30th.

Following the unprecedented interest in her, Miriam is the special guest of Sadie Frost in her pioneering new series "What Sadie Did Next" for E4. Miriam joins Gwyneth Paltrow and the creme of A list actors, designers and London's cool set who have been invited onto the show. Following Cannes, Miriam is meeting record company executives of three major labels in the UK to discuss the release of her debut single "Don't Fall In Love with Me" that has already been premiered on Radio 1.

Miriam as one of the freshest and most eagerly anticipated personalities of today and is available for interviews in Cannes between Mon 29th and Tuesday 30th to discuss the controversy around the show and will take a number of photo sessions.

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March 27, 2004

Miriam will be at Vanquish tonight

New press release:

Miriam is the special guest of the opening of "Vanquish" the new London exclusive V.I.P. club Saturday 27th March. Other guests include Atomic Kitten, Liberty X, All Saints, Sugababes, Misteeq.

On Thursday night Miriam met up with two notorious rock legends for drinks at the Met Bar, Mayfair, London. Details cannot be released on who these people were.

Sunday 29th March Miriam flies to Cannes.

Wednesday 31st March Miriam is special guest at the Loaded magazine anniversary party.

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March 25, 2004

Episode four screen captures and plot summary

By now, Miriam should be back in London, where she will be through Sunday for the airiing of the final episode of There's Something About Miriam. In the meantime, a plot summary and some images from episode four are now online.

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March 24, 2004

Miriam to appear on Harry Hill show

Schedule update:

Miriam will be a guest on Harry Hill's TV Burp this Friday night on UK Channel 4. This hilarious show has been a great supporter of There's Something About Miriam. Harry will be singing a serenade to capture the heart of Miriam! Can Harry win where the boys did not?

Unfortunately due to work commitments Miriam will no longer be able to be live on The Late Late Show.

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Please be polite if you email Miriam

Miriam has answered 55 emails on the letters page so far. She enjoys reading your emails. Especially emails that contain a few compliments, share something about your own story, or ask for her opinion on a given subject.

There are a few things that could get your email discarded though, or could get a terse response from Miriam. It is very nice of her to take the time to answer the email she can, so you don't want her to get frustrated and stop reading them do you? Please don't email her if your message falls into the categories below:

1-Requests for her to meet you in person, or to see if she might want to be your girlfriend. This is a fan web site, not Miriam's personals column.

2-Questions about her sexual organs, her sex life, or questions asking whether she has ever posed fully nude before. That is just plain rude.

3-People who need to reprimand her for participating in the show and "exploiting those poor boys". She has heard it all before and doesn't need to hear it again.

These are mostly common sense, but she has gotten several of all three types.

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March 23, 2004

Miriam returning to London on Thursday

This just in:


Miriam will be in in London Thursday 25th - 28th March followed by a trip to Cannes. In London, Miriam will be attending the Limp Biskit after-show party in London 28th March 2003. She will also be attending the exclusive launch party of Georgio Armani's new store in London on Thursday 25th.

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Episode three screen captures and plot summary

Click here to see the new screen captures and description of episode three.

And if you missed episode five, which aired on Sunday, continue reading to learn who Miriam voted out this week.

Rhett and Aron got the axe. So it's down to Tom and Scott for the final episode.

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March 22, 2004

New photo gallery

Check out new gallery three with six more photos of Miriam. These are more relaxed ones, not from a magazine photo shoot or so forth. Next up, screen captures from episode three.

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March 21, 2004

More email replies from Miriam

I'm working on putting together an FAQ type of page to organize some of Miriam's responses by subject, but in the mean time, wanted to share this:

I am busy completing my music. This is my first love. The show has allowed me to be taken seriously by the music industry who were worried before about who will buy my music. Now they all want a piece of the action, so I am planning the next move with my management. Apart from that I am taking some time off in New York because the promotional tour in London was so hectic and we are all taking stock of what has happened and what to do next. I have had some film and TV offers, but need to be choosy.

I'm so lucky that I can hopefully succeed in the world of entertainment and keep true to myself. Its going to be a lot of hard work but I'm ready for it!

People are always scared of "the new", of things they don't understand. But things change as society incorporates the fringes. Especially if they realize they can make money out of it! Just look at Will and Grace, who would have believed a gay sit com would be on US TV.

Miriam X

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Enabling comments on posts

I am opening up the posts so that you can add your own comments and suggestions now. That way you can participate in this site as well as read it. Just click on a comments link, and start the discussion.

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Episode two screen captures and plot summary

Thanks to both Claire and Ken for helping put these together for each episode.

Click here for several screen captures and a plot summary from Episode Two of There's Something About Miriam.

Check back later this week for Episode Three.

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March 20, 2004

New fan mail replies from Miriam

I know she can not reply to every letter, but it looks like Miriam is doing her best. Thirty seven responses and counting. Just uploaded a dozen more to the letters page. Here is one of the letters, with her reply:

Hi Miriam,

I'm a big fan of the show and have really enjoyed what has been shown so far and the articles you have done in The Sun, how did you first become involved in the TV project? Did SkyOne seek you out or did your agent approach them??? How did it all come about?

And do you think that transexuals should be allowed to begin hormone treatment at the same age as you did? You're living proof that the results can be stunning if the transition begins at or before puberty!




Everyone is different. i cannot advocate that people take hormones so young. I can only say that for me I just had to!

The producers approached my agent because they had heard of my work in music. I saw the script and thought it was a great way to show what people like me go through, and also to pose the question "what's love all about anyway?!"

Miriam X

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March 19, 2004

Late Late Show is Next Friday

Sorry for any confusion. A little vague on the dates before, but I can confirm that Miriam's trip to the UK - and Ireland for an appearance on the Late Late Show - is next weekend not this weekend. Should have more details next week.

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More details about the documentary

From the Endemol UK website:

Sky One has commissioned Brighter Pictures for one-hour documentary about the star of their forthcoming reality series - There’s Something About Miriam.

There’s Something Else About Miriam tells the real story behind the pre-op transsexual who has been at the centre of an international media furore.

The documentary follows her life from childhood days in Mexico to moving to New York and being catapulted into stardom.

Drawing on her past experiences and interviews with family and friends There’s Something Else About Miriam reveals the difficulties she faced growing up, how she gained acceptance and how she now plans to launch herself into pop stardom.

The programme will also feature expert analysis from psychologists and trans-gender specialists looking at the issues surrounding Sky One’s forthcoming reality series and why male and female members of the press and public may react differently towards it.

Brighter’s Managing Director Gavin Hay comments: ‘Miriam’s story is a moving and inspiring one. After the media frenzy surrounding the Sky One series people will be fascinated to see her telling it like it really is’.

There’s Something Else About Miriam will follow Brighter Pictures’ forthcoming reality series There’s Something About Miriam, which starts on Sunday 22nd February on Sky One.

Executive Producers: Gavin Hay and Remy Blumenfeld

Producer / Director: Christine Clarke

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Sweet Dreams

Just uploaded four new photos to Gallery 2.

Gallery 3 will be unveiled early next week, with a half dozen informal photos of Miriam, including my favorite one so far:

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March 18, 2004

Update on Miriam's current plans

From Miriam's management:


Miriam is currently taking a well deserved rest in New York where she is putting the final touches to her music. She is considering a number of high profile film roles and is flying to Cannes as the special guest of Endemol (the creators of There's Something About Miriam) where she will be meeting with executives of international production companies to discuss future projects.

Miriam is also in negotiations with a number of club promoters concerning her exclusive club appearances in the UK.

Miriam says "The response to the series has been overwhelming and life changing. But now it is time to do something different! I am so grateful to everyone who is supporting me, and hope that the tour of the UK will allow people to see me in the flesh".


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Miriam about to sign first single

From Miriam's management:


Following an overwhelming response from the record industry, Miriam is about to sign her first single.

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March 17, 2004

Two previews of Episode Five

Here are two short video clips from Episode Five, for Windows Media Player.

Dish of the day

I'm coming out

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Episode One screen captures and plot summary

Click here for several screen captures and a plot summary from Episode One of There's Something About Miriam.

We hope to have Episode Two available soon.

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March 16, 2004

Miriam Guest On The Late Late Show

Issued by Miriam's management:

Miriam has been invited to be a guest on the cult Late Late Show in Ireland. This will kick off her next visit to the UK to meet record labels. She will be partying at the exclusive Boujis club in London where she met Blu Cantrell two weeks ago.

DarkFibre Management Ltd.

The Late Late Show in Ireland is on each Friday night and is the world's longest running chat show. Initially launched as a short summer 'filler' in July 1962 its rapid rise to popularity led it to dominate Irish broadcasting and top the ratings on Radio Telifís Éireann television for forty years. The show has been credited by sociologists with reshaping Irish attitudes towards many issues.

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March 15, 2004

Miriam's audience up 16% week to week

According to the latest numbers:

Controversial reality series There's Something About Miriam was up from 552,430 (3.82%) to 643,480 (4.41%) at 9pm, followed by original drama Mile High at 10pm with 521,410 (4.61%).

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Miriam loves hearing from you

After getting in contact with her manager, and forwarding her fan mail, Miriam responded to every letter I sent. You can read her replies on the Letters page. You can also send your own letter to Miriam from the Contact page.

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New photos of Miriam

Just uploaded some new photos of Miriam sent by her manager, to the Images page. Warning to all the male viewers. Those with heart conditions or high blood pressure should only view these photos at their own risk.

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Radio One exclusive of her new single

Just received the following from Miriam's management:


Miriam is the transsexual sensation who seduced 6 unsuspecting alpha males in the Sky One series "There's Something About Miriam".

Radio One have been badgering Miriam for a taste of her forth coming single release. She is currently finishing off the track in Harlem, New York, working with a mental underground dance producer Helicopter Jackson.

Miriam has relented and given radio one the exclusive first airing of this eagerly awaited track on the Scott Mills show on Sunday 14th March will be followed by a live radio interview with Miriam in New York.

The song is cheekily titled "Don't fall in love with me". Miriam says "This is not some pop idol shit. I'm a clubbing girl and this song has come from the underground. I was doing this long before the series".

The track has been clouded in secrecy, but news of it has leaked. Release dates are still under wraps but her management have confirmed that it will be hitting the dance floor in a couple of weeks.

Her management said:

"While the boys in the show are off spending their pay off on sports cars or whatever, Miriam has been hard at work doing what she loves. She's been holed up in a spooky Harlem recording studio with a crazed dance producer and they have created something truly origional. The song is a bit of a two finger to the boys. One of the lines is - "don't fall in love with me just to get on tv". I think that says it all . She loved the boys in the show and wishes them no ill, but she has no time for a bunch of cry babies. As far as Miriam is concerned - lock up your sons - you haven't seen anything yet!".

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March 11, 2004

3 In 4 Would Never Have Suspected

Finally, the results have been announced to a poll conducted by the Sky One website. Out of 5,000+ votes, three quarters have admitted that Miriam would have completely fooled them. A further 16% weren't sure and decided upon a 'maybe' and just 12% believed that they would have guessed Miriams secret.

Miriam has become a paparazzi favourite since arriving in the UK - but is sick of snappers who "try and put their cameras up your skirt".

Miriam has been likened to Jennifer Lopez and Catherine Zeta-Jones but says she doesn't try to be like anyone else - "although I know I'm sexier than Victoria Beckham"!

Miriam beat both Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta-Jones in FHM’s list of 100 top babes.

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March 10, 2004

Miriam beats out Mile High

According to new television ratings, There's Something About Miriam outranked Mile High, the show that immediately follows it Sunday nights on the Sky One subscribers-only cable television network. Miriam attracted 552,430 viewers, as opposed to 509,510 for Mile High.

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March 05, 2004

Don't Fall In Love With Me

From the March 4, 2004 edition of the Sun:

Miriam is set to hit the charts — with a dance track cheekily called Don’t Fall In Love With Me.

The sexy gender-bender — who tricked six lads into thinking she was a girl on Sky One reality show There’s Something About Miriam — is recording the single in New York.

Miriam, 22, said: “I’m a clubbing girl and this song is from the clubbing underground.”

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